Achieve your Academic and Athletic Goals!

Earn credit while training with professional coaches. 


Student-athletes today are spread too thin and as a result often eliminate major aspects of their training, such as strength and conditioning, or worse, theiracademics suffer due to lack of time during the day. 

Strathcona Prep Sport School provides professional volleyball training, year round periodized strength and conditioning plans, and academic planning that fits everything into a common school day. This structure leaves the evening for proper rest, recovery and nutrition, family time, participation in multiple sports, and an overall healthy life balance. 

NOTE: Strathcona Prep also provides training to all North Island high performance athletes through our multi-sport program.  


Head Coach Jesse Knight of Abstract Volleyball has earned a reputation for getting results and assisting athletes in achieving their goals. Now you can train in a full-time professional environment and receive credits towards your education.

Individual periodized training programs can Include:

  • Strength and conditioning
  • Private skill development sessions
  • Recovery and active recovery plans
  • Prehab, activation and injury prevention warmups
  • Cross training (kayaking, biking etc..)
  • Mental training
  • Multi-sport training
  • Nutrition
  • Athletic Therapy
  • Fundraising
  • Volunteer/community outreach opportunties
  • Homework blocks


Chose the pro, that the pros chose! 

Strathcona Prep Head Coach Jesse Knight is hired by Trinity Western University Volleyball for their skill development and Team Canada Athletes such as Sarah Chase and many others, have benefited from his development programs.  

The majority of Canadian athletes rely on volunteers with little to no experience for training. SPSS provides top level coaches in an environment more conducive to success. You wouldn't want your doctor practicing for 4 hours a week.

Staff led by Head Coach Jesse Knight has coached every level of the sport in the world. Europe professional, International for Team Canada, NCAA, USports and more. But most importantly due to his relentless innovation and learning he has proven to provide skill and tactical results. 


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