Vancouver Island 

How it Works

The North Vancouver Island program welcomes athletes from all over Canada and the world to train in a post-secondary school environment while also experiencing recreation at its finest. Athletes will train alongside top local athletes and with some of the top coaches in Canada. 

Student-athletes will receive course credit for their training hours.

Guidance counsellors will personalize and customize each student athlete's academic timetable to help them achieve both academic and athletic goals.

Student athletes from outside of the area will be billeted and are welcome to enrol for one, or both semesters.


Strathcona Sport School will lead student-athletes through high school curriculum requirements for their respective graduation plan. Each student will receive a custom education plan which will create freedom and flexibility in their schedule to train properly and with the best professional coaches available.

One Course Stream - Students will enrol at one of our affiliate schools: Carihi, Timberline (Campbell River) or Highland (Comox), and free up one block per day for training.

  • Student-athletes residing in Campbell River will attend the volleyball academy course.
  • Student-athletes residing in the Comox Valley will take one P.A.C.E. course per semester and get credit for that training.

NOTE: Students who already reside on North Vancouver Island will continue to attend whichever school they are already enrolled. 

Multiple Course Stream - Students will take cross enrolled courses year round, continuing to attend their current High School, but taking an extra PACE course, or other online course to free up two or more blocks of time. Again the P.A.C.E program would provide academic credit for the sport training that is provided by us.

Full Time Stream - Athletes enrol in online studies full time. The benefit of this is that full time online studies provide the ultimate freedom and flexibility in an athlete's schedule, making it possible to train or compete anywhere any time. 

Training Plan 

September - April

  • 2-4 skill development sessions per week, depending on amount of sports school classes 
  • 2-4 strength sessions per week, depending on individual's periodized plan

April, May and June

  • multiple beach volleyball sessions per week

Within their schedule athletes will also have the opportunity to volunteer, plan and host a fundraiser, participate in cross training such as kayaking, yoga, hiking, biking, multi-sports, etc.

Athletes will be encouraged to play on other sports teams.

Beach Volleyball

April-June the focus will shift to Beach Volleyball training. 

General Information

Student athletes will have access to a variety of different scholarships and fundraising opportunities.

Billet families will be available through both general ISP program and local volleyball community families. A formal screening process will be put in place in these cases.

For program fees and more information please email:


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